Even before 'Rack City Mix,' the debut rap track from 'Jersey Shore' cast member Vinny Guadagnino, reaches the 10-second mark, there's reason to believe the remaining minute and 20 seconds won't be worth anyone's time.

"Yo, I just got paid," the MTV reality star says at the outset. "We're going to the strip club!"

Sure enough, Guadagnino spends the remainder of the song -- a reworking of Tyga's 'Rack City' -- explaining in graphic detail and with limited lyrical finesse the dirty and degrading things he'd like to do with the ladies at his local gentleman's club.

"I've got a girl, you ain't got a man," he raps, "I've got a date for ya, and it's in my pants."

If that's not the best representation of his poetic abilities, this charming couplet is: "Oh you a fan? You wanna take a pic?/ I like your crack, girl. I wanna take a hit."

Guadagnino's hip-hop dalliance comes more than a year after fellow cast member Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino dropped his own eponymous single. 'The Situation' is no lyrical or musical triumph, but next to 'Rack City Mix,' it's a modern classic.

The tune is no longer up on Guadagnino's YouTube page, but according to TMZ, he posted the song with a sort of disclaimer, explaining that he "felt like being a naughty boy and rapping like a G," and that he still has love for the ladies.

A rep for womankind was busy gagging and could not be reached for comment.

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