There’s a reason why Bun B is recognized as the Trill OG. And if you need further proof, a video has surfaced that appears to show the veteran rapper checking a hater in street. In it, he’s visibly angry, confronting a man who threw a middle finger up at him.

To be clear, we do not know when this incident happened. In the clip above, it looks like Bun B approaches an alleged Trump supporter and yells “F— you up!”

He goes off on the man.

“Then put that phone down. “Bitch, I’m a college professor, motherf—er. Rice University, motherf—er!”

A couple of other men intervene before the police eventually break it up.

Again, we don’t know where or when this incident took place. But in light of recent events, particularly in Charlottesville, Va., we can understand why this is sparking interest on social media.

Reactions on Twitter were mixed, as some people didn’t even know that the Trill OG was a college professor. Others praised Bun B for fighting back against white supremacists — unlike our president.

“I just figured out Bun B is a professor. I might need to go to college again for a semester,” tweeted one person. Another user wrote, “Don’t EVER disrespect the god, Bun B.”

Check out the reactions below.

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