Artist: Chamillionaire
Song: 'Hip-Hop Police' and 'Evening News'
Why You Should Watch: Chamillionaire takes on multiple roles in two new videos from his sophomore album, 'Ultimate Victory.' First he plays a perp -- alongside old-school icon Slick Rick -- who is arrested by the Hip-Hop Police. In 'Evening News,' the rapper is an anchor and field reporter, taking jabs at America's idea of newsworthy headlines.

Read more about Chamillionaire's two new videos in his own words after the jump.

What was it like working with Slick Rick?
It was a real honor to do a song with Slick Rick the Ruler. He is a legendary O.G. in the rap game and I think the song we did is a good balance of the old and the new school. I didn't think he was gonna accept my offer to do a song together but after we talked about the meaning of the song he gladly accepted. Hearing him on a record is a breath of fresh air for me.

What is your favorite music video?
There are too many creative, innovative, and timeless videos for me to pick one as my favorite. I love so many of them but if I had just one favorite it would probably be a video that came out in the 90's during the Hype Williams and Dave Myers run.

What impact do you expect this video will have?
The people that appreciate creativity and social commentary will have something to talk about. I think the video is a conversation piece because it has so many elements in it that could spark a debate or discussion. I expect this one to really be big for me because of how much thought I put into it.