Today (Dec. 28) marks the 15th anniversary of the New York nightclub shooting that left Diddy, Shyne and Jennifer Lopez in police custody in 1999. One of the victims of the shooting expressed her feelings on Instagram about the horrific night.

In acknowledgment of the anniversary, curating hip-hop blog UpNorthTrips posted on Instagram the 1999 New York Daily News cover story about the infamous NYC club shooting.

This prompted Natania Reuben, the woman who was shot in the face during the altercation, to speak out on the media giving sympathy to the celebrities but not the actual victims of the shooting.

In a lengthy exchange with commenters (spotted by Complex), Reuben detailed her pain and suffering that she endured for 15 years after the incident. She writes:

“I AM THE WOMAN WHO WAS SHOT IN THE FACE. THE MOST SERIOUSLY INJURED PERSON...I have suffered a great deal of PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL PAIN behind this FOOLISH DISPLAY OF EGO AND INSECURITY...God bless the others who shared in and survived this tragedy with me… I lay here in bed thanking god for sparing me in spite of all the tribulations… feeling at PEACE… Only to see @upnorthtrips displaying sympathy for celebrities who played THE INSTRUMENTAL ROLL IN MY INJURY AND PAIN… Way to go @upnorthtrips give yourself a [hand].”

In defense of UpNorthTrips, the blog was simply acknowledging a moment in history, albeit tragic, and was not glorifying or sympathizing with any celebrity involved in the shooting. However, after surviving a life-changing tragedy, Reuben's anger is clearly understandable.

Other commenters thanked Reuben for sharing her story, while others chastised her for targeting her vitriol at UpNorthTrips who did nothing but report on history.

"@upnorthtrips just posted a copy of the Article of a shooting happened 15yrs ago. I don't see anything wrong with that. Take it up with the #Dailynews because they are the ones that wrote the article 15 yrs ago,” wrote one follower.

Another commenter wrote, “@ms_ebonay May God continue to bless you. I can’t imagine having to relive this due to the media; I’m sure it’s hard enough on it’s own.”

Even though Diddy was arrested and acquitted of all charges, the rap mogul still had to pay the three victims who were shot that night $2.3 million -- with $1.8 million of that money going to Reuben.

Shyne ended up spending eight years in prison, which severed his relationship with Diddy because he believed Diddy let him take the fall. Shyne was released from prison and deported to Belize in 2009.

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