After lashing out at the police on his track "16 Shots," Vic Mensa keeps the momentum going by boldly releasing the visuals for his controversial track.

Sporting a black jacket that reads "Resist," Mensa finds himself embroiled in a heated battle with three white officers. As he approaches them, he gets the beatdown of his life. Even though he's getting roughed up, Mensa continues to hammer away with insults towards the cops. Eventually, the cops shoot him down in cold blood, even though he tries to get back up after suffering several gun shot wounds.

"Ready for the war we got our boots strapped / 100 deep on State Street, where the troops at? / The mayor lying saying he didn't see the video footage / And everybody want to know where the truth at / On the South side where it's no trauma centers, but the most trauma / A lot of cannons but you don't want no drama / I can't imagine if it was my own mama," he raps.

Mensa dedicated the record to Laquan McDonald, a Chicago teen that was shot 16 times and killed two years ago. Back in June, Mensa released his socially-conscious EP, There’s A Lot Going On. He also met Louis Farrakhan, where he told XXL  that the minister was "just giving game."

“Just laying out why a lot of things are the way that they are," he said of his meeting with Farrakhan. "How we can challenge them. You know, he was talking about slipping these messages into music.”

Take a look at Mensa's devastating video here.


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