Vanilla Ice is bringing his hip-hop centric ways to television for the second season of his home improvement show 'The Vanilla Ice Project,' where he buys land, flips houses and renovates spaces. The famed 'Ice Ice Baby' creator -- he released that record at the tender age of 16 -- has taken his passion for reconstructing living spaces and combined it with innovative designs, showcasing the finished product on the DIY Network.

To kick off the show's new episodes, which debuted Jan. 21, the rap star, born Robert Van Winkle, sat down with The BoomBox to give some insight on what's to come when he demolishes yards and rips apart drywall in front of the cameras.

The 44-year-old Texas native has left his flashy gear and wild hairstyle behind years ago, but hip-hop is still very much a part of his psyche. Ice even features original music with a classic, funky style on 'The Vanilla Ice Project.' Though he recently pulled a prank on a bunch of unsuspecting Los Angeles residents who thought he went the indie, guitar-playing route, he'll never turn his back on the genre that paved the way to his stardom.

"I found a new passion in renovating homes and [hip-hop] is always with me, at all times, anywhere I go. I'm always blinging, I always got the hip-hop kicks on... So I represent everywhere I go," he tells The BoomBox.

Watch our exclusive interview with the tattooed rhymer as he discusses the show's hip-hop soundtrack, why he wants Jay-Z to "swing a hammer" with him and how he's applied music business lessons to the art of home improvement.

Watch Vanilla Ice's Interview With The BoomBox

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