Alongside rapper, actor and reality TV star, you can go ahead and add "real estate maven" to Vanilla Ice's list of accomplishments,

In an interview with the Real Deal, Ice explains that he's been flipping real estate since he was a teen, with "100 percent customer satisfaction."

"I bought a bunch of houses when I was 16," Ice told the Real Deal. "I bought several houses, not as investments, just to have a few houses around the country -- one in L.A, one in New York, I lived in Laurel Canyon [in Los Angeles] for a while, and I had a house in the ski slopes of Utah and another in Miami. Then I realized that that was ridiculous that I could only live in one house. So I sold the houses when I was about 19 or 20. They were just basically collecting cobwebs. So I realized at a young age -- I sold them and I made a lot of money, and I profited on all of them."

The site goes on to report that, in addition to making that "Ice Ice Baby" loot, Ice has continued to buy, develop and sell real estate properties in Florida, including a mansion and a development for car fans called Car Lofts, in Delray Beach.

As for how Ice built his real estate empire, "I built homes, I bought lots," he explained. "I own a bunch of land in Florida that I bought way back in the day, and I also have commercial real estate I bought way back in the 1990s that has done real well for me ... I just kind of "lego"ed the whole thing, one step after another step, basically started flipping homes. I bought homes on vacant lots, profiting when the market was really good. Just rolling."

For those interested, Ice will be debuting a reality show on the DIY network this fall called 'The Vanilla Ice Project,' which explores his various real estate ventures. Wow.

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