Vanilla Ice lost his cool at the airport. Tuesday (August 2) night, Ice was traveling and wound up flipping out--something that happens to a lot of people at the airport. But it usually isn't nearly as funny because, well--those people aren't Vanilla Ice.

The infamous one-hit wonder had a meltdown at the Delta terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport as he was attempting to get to a gig in Nebraska. In footage published by TMZ, the rapper can be seen lashing out after what appears to be a missed flight.

"I'm sitting right here. No one has called me," says Ice in the clip, angrily talking to a woman at the counter. "No one said final call, nothing. I've been right there. There's a fricking line right here. I'm thinking all these people are in line to board, I'm behind them right there."

When someone off-camera suggests that Ice should have been watching the monitors, he blasts the guy.

"Hey, I don't need any information from you, man. Shut your mouth. I don't need anything from you. Shut up!"

The 48-year old, born Robert Van Winkle, tweeted about the incident and scoffed at how he was being characterized.

"How funny, vanilla ice has a meltdown," he tweeted. "More like over caffeinated, and no sleep. Wrong actions but right point."

Ice made headlines back in 2015, when he was busted for grand theft and burglary.

“It was blown out of proportion,” he said at the time. “It’s sad that good news doesn’t travel this fast. It’s just out of proportion and I wish you guys would focus on all the good things I’ve done. It’ll all get cleared up, you’ll see.” He would accept a plea deal in the case two months later.

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