Vanilla Ice, real name Robert Van Winkle, is really going all out these days, and his next step seems both hilarious and inevitable. The former rapper turned nu metal screamer turned reality star will be appearing on the British program 'Dancing on Ice.'

The show, which is basically a version of America's 'Dancing With the Stars' that features ice skating, will kick off its sixth season in January with the 'Ice Ice Baby' MC showing off his graceful spins, leaps and axel jumps. Ice has yet to comment on the new gig, but that's probably only because he's too busy practicing.

'Dancing on Ice' isn't the '90s icon's only TV gig, either. Ice just received a second season pickup on his DIY Network program 'The Ice Project.' On the show, Suge Knight's former nemesis renovates his 7,000-square-foot Palm Beach mansion room-by-room and demonstrates his successes in flipping real estate throughout the years.

Van Winkle continues to make music as well. In addition to a performance at the Glastonbury festival, his most recent album, titled 'WTF,' came out earlier this year and apparently features a track in collaboration with the Insane Clown Posse.

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