In his weekly 'Luke's Gospel' column for Miami's New Times, 2 Live Crew founder Uncle Luke reflected on the recent elections, bemoaning the Florida Democrats who failed to vote.

"I have to congratulate the Tea Party. They came out in numbers and voted, This gave the Republicans a stunning historic election victory. The Take Back America movement is a force to be reckoned with," the controversial Miami hip-hop legend began, in the article, titled 'Democrats Got Tea Bagged All Night Long.'

"Now, all the African Americans who stayed home have no right to complain when new Gov. and fraud veteran Rick Scott puts up armed security checkpoints and barbed wire fences around every housing project in Florida. Welfare recipients can't moan when the state drug tests them before issuing food stamps."

Luke, whose music with 2 Live Crew was ruled too obscene to sell in the early '90s by a Southern Florida District Court Judge, continued to argue that the Democratic Party themselves were responsible for the Republican electoral victories in his home state, particularly former Congressman Kendrick Meek's failure to rest the Senate seat vacated by Republican Mel Martinez.

"The Democratic Party cock-blocked Meek," Luke wrote. "Liberal leaders were like the ugly rich dude who buys bottles at LIV nightclub for a bunch a girls that have no interest in sex with him. The Democrats are like University of Miami fair weather fans who talk a lot of s--- on local sports talk radio but never show up to any home games -- unless the Hurricanes are playing Florida State or Florida. Meanwhile, the Tea Party is like the Gator Nation, who show up to home games no matter who the team is playing. And yesterday, the Tea Party showed up for the big game."

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