Odd Future took their traveling promotional run in support of Tyler, The Creator's new sophomore album, 'Goblin,' to Hot 97's 'Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg' morning show today (May 13). During the lively and expletive-filled interview, Tyler answered questions about his beef with Atlanta rapper B.o.B. and stressed that you shouldn't take his every word as gospel.

After assuring that 'Yonkers' was not a veiled dig at Eskay, a Yonkers, N.Y. native and founder of NahRight.com, the 20-year-old continued to say that any issues with B.o.B. were not that big of a deal. "It wasn't really a diss on my behalf, I just hate the f---ing song," Tyler told host Peter Rosenberg when asked if the situation had been worked out. "The 'Airplanes' song, I'mma just keep it a hundred. It's not a beef or anything, it's whatever."

Tyler then went on to mention his disdain for Bruno Mars, the singer on the aforementioned track in question. "Aww dude I hate that guy," Tyler told K.Foxx, adding, "Have you seen his face? You don't want to hit him?"

The 'Sandwitches' rapper then went on to discuss his run in with LAPD this past Tuesday and also reiterated his position that some critics are taking, analyzing his every word to a fault. "The dudes that work at the famous, elite music blogs take stuff too serious and stuff," Tyler said. "They take everything so f---ing serious. They analyze every line and ... I seen some write about the 'Yonkers' video saying that me killing myself was me killing the hip-hop genre and that the cockroach was music in the past three years. I'm sitting here like, 'What the f---! Are you stupid?"

OFWGKTA perform tonight (May 13) at New York City's Highline Ballroom.

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