Following a shooting that left rapper Honey Cocaine wounded on Monday (March 20), Young Money MC Tyga is speaking out about the incident, which occurred after he performed for his Careless World tour at a venue in Omaha, Neb.

The 22-year-old California native was in Las Vegas when he called Power 106 radio host Yesi Ortiz to give details about the melee. He explained that a group of local performers wanted to showcase their talent during his stop in Omaha, however, Tyga politely declined their offer. Later on in his show, someone threw a bottle onstage, which caused him to lose his cool.

"I'm a chill person," the 'Rack City' creator said. "A person want to be disrespectful... I'm tryna put on a great show for people that pay money to see me. Somebody wanna throw a bottle but nobody wanna say who threw the bottle. It's childish stuff."

He went on to reveal that his artist Honey Cocaine was shot as a result of angry local entertainers. "These aren't fans," he revealed. "This situation, it escalated because I wanted to do the show. I was dealing with the same people, you know, from the beginning of the day... Before the show even started. It was a bunch of drama going on already. It was actually some people that were supposed to perform, some local opening acts. I told them they couldn't perform. For tour, I don't want opening acts performing."

He also disclosed that Honey was right beside him during the call post-hospital release and was preparing for a show later that night.

Tyga continues his Careless World tour March 27 at the House of Blues in San Diego, Calif.

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