Tyga was the subject of vicious slander on social media when news broke that rock icon Paul McCartney and his crew (Beck, Taylor Hawkins and others) were denied entry at his reported Grammys after-party. The nerve of him! Well, the Compton rhymer has come forward to explain what happened.

On Tuesday (Feb. 16), the “Rack City” rhymer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to poke fun at the situation and clear his name from any future slander. Apparently, it wasn’t Tyga’s Grammy after-party, he was just there to perform and get paid. He had no idea that the former Beatle was outside of the club or he would have let him in and let him perform.

"I really wish I woulda knew he was outside, I would've went outside with a mic, you know, brought him in," he said.

Kimmel revealed that it was the fire marshal who actually didn't let Sir Paul in the building most likely due to over capacity.

"Yeah, tweet the fire marshal don't tweet me,"joked Tyga.

"You would think fire code wouldn't apply to Beatles, since there's only two of them left," added Kimmel, jokingly of course, "In worst case, they both show up."

To smooth things over, Tyga personally invited Sir Paul to his concert on Feb. 26 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles and he will personally escort him.

Kimmel then asked Tyga if he thinks Sir Paul will release a diss track. "Nah, I don't think so, he's pretty O.G. in the game," he said.

You never know Tyga. MC Paul Macca might be in the booth right now ready to spit some fire at you. We are joking, of course.

John Lennon would, though.

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