Tyga brings the spooky visuals of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" back from the dead for his new song "Dope'd Up" -- released right before Halloween on Friday (Oct. 30). Kylie Jenner also serves as the 25-year-old rapper's date in the clip.

The couple -- they're both donning matching letterman jackets -- sit in the backseat of a Rolls Royce, but trouble begins when the car breaks down. The chauffeur goes to fix things but is soon attacked by zombies.

The "Make it Nasty" rapper and his 18-year-old girlfriend decide to check out all of the commotion but when they see things aren't looking good, they make a run for it. But it only gets worse when they find themselves in a warehouse, glimpsing into scenes inspired by classic scary movies.

A long-haired girl peers into a snowy screen reminiscent of The Ring. A demented masked butcher brings thoughts of Halloween's Michael Myers. And two twins in the hallway serve as a reminder of The Shining.

Luckily, none of the monsters seem to want anything to do Tyga and his reality star girlfriend. Or so it seems. The zombies eventually corner the two and force them to the ground as their bloody, decomposing face moves in for the bite.

Then, Tyga wakes up. It was all a dream -- or was it? A zombified Jenner turns around and comes for the rapper right before the screen goes black.

This is the second music video where Kylie Jenner stars as the former Young Money artist's main lady. She also appeared in the visual for "Stimulated."

Fo fans still in the Halloween spirit, catch the creepy "Dope'd Up" video above.

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