Still riding high on the success of his strip-club friendly hit 'Rack City,' which was recently certified platinum, Young Money rhymer Tyga is finally ready to unveil his long-delayed sophomore album 'Careless World: Rise of the Last King.' The Los Angeles rapper pushed the project back a few times, but has locked in a Feb. 21 release date.

"I think that the timing is right," Tyga tells The BoomBox. "Having the No. 1 rap song out right now, I know my fans have been waiting for it and I'm ready to put it out."

To kick off its release, Tyga will head out on his Careless World Tour on the same day that the album drops. Although he's been keeping a lot of the details around the album secret -- he only fell victim to one leak by way of the song 'King of Queens' featuring Wale and Nas -- he's confident that fans will connect with the project.

"I'm excited just to get it out and get it to fans," he continues. "I still give people a little party music, but I feel like when you make albums different from mixtapes, [the] album needs to be more of a theme."

In the year that it took him to put the album together, Tyga has made headlines for a few mishaps, including being arrested in Las Vegas over traffic violations, and inciting a small riot after failing to appear at a show in San Diego. When he's not getting into trouble, the focus has been on making sure that the album is comprehensive.

"This album is more of a theme," Tyga states. "The title 'Careless World: Rise of the Last King,' it's a great title and people will see once they hear it, [it's] like a storybook. I don't really have a direction once I go in the studio, but I know once I make a record, I stick to that. I think the album is real consistent, from the features to the sound, to everything."

The Careless World Tour opens in Atlanta Feb. 21.

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