Is there a chance that Tyga could be living beyond his means? One could easily draw that conclusion based on the number of times he's been taken to court over money, and now he's facing new problems over his Ferrari 488.

As TMZ reports, the G.O.O.D. Music member struck a deal with a man named Alex Benedict in May of this year, where he would make monthly lease payments, but he failed to do that. In fact, since the agreement was made, the vehicle was repossessed twice for lack of payment, so now Benedict is suing the "Rack City" rhymer for $150,000.

If you recall, Tyga's first legal woes surrounding a car happened in April of this year when Choice Motor Credit said he failed to make payments on the Lamborghini he was leasing. At one point, the company even tried to have $450,000 garnished from his account, and before that they repossessed a Bentley of his. On top of that, Tyga was ordered to pay $186,275 to F&S Investment Properties in August for allegedly abandoning a rented space and causing severe damage before he left.

So far, there's been no word from the rapper about Benedict's lawsuit, but based on the number of cases he's faced like this, maybe Tyga should rethink some of his spending ways and cut down on the number of properties and cars he has.

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