Tyga was scheduled to give up the details about his finances and assets in a Santa Monica courtroom today, and after being a no show, the judge issued a bench warrant, according to TMZ.

The rapper failed to pay a $480,000 judgment to his former Malibu landlord, the L.A. Times reports.  Court papers reveal that the judgment stems from 2011, when the rapper rented a Malibu mansion for $16,000 a month. He allegedly missed a monthly rental payment and broke his lease early. The landlord claims the home was also in need of repairs when he left. According to court papers, a stripper pole was placed in the master bedroom, the intercom was disconnected, and the hardwood floors and glass-tiled shower were damaged.

Attorneys for the landlord were in court today, and were upset over stories that claimed Tyga bought his on-and-off girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, a $200,000 car for her birthday but had yet to pay them for the alleged damages. The attorney claimed the car was a "fraudulent transfer of assets" that should go to satisfy the judgement.

Meanwhile, Tyga recently rented a mansion for $46,000 a month, despite reportedly having cars repossessed, so it seems like maybe he could use a course in financial management?


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