On the eve of Doomsday, or as some people would call it, the inauguration of Donald Trump, people are in mourning. So much so, that they've taken to social media to share their sorrow, and adamantly proclaim that for the next 24 hours at least, "my president is black," as Jeezy so eloquently put it back in 2008.

Who knew the song, released just after President Obama first took office, would have so much impact, and well, meaning in 2017, particularly in the wake of an unprecedented election of a man who has fostered and encouraged so much hate?

Anyway, as people gear up to protest the inauguration, Twitter weeps. We all weep. Take a look below at some of the best "My President Is Black" farewells that have streamed in over the past few days below.

One more day, y'all.


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