TwistaA video featuring Chicago rapper Twista received almost 80 billion views on YouTube last week.

The song 'Do You' by Chi-town group Do or Die featuring Twista was, for a short time, YouTube's highest viewed video of all time, with 79,441,058,538 views, beating out 'Charlie Bit My Finger,' which has 147,246,806 views and singer Susan Boyle's Britain's Got Talent performance, which has 84,765,146.

Though it was later proved that that the Do or Die and Twista video was hacked by a fan to appear to have received many more views than it received, it still made it to the front page of the popular video site.

"I know it's wrong, and don't have any idea who that could of been that did the hack," Twista said of the video. "I don't have any idea why they picked my video, but that definitely goes to show you that Twista got those true fans, and I definitely wanna say thanks to the No. 1 blessing."

Though YouTube returned the video's views to its previous tally of 73,317, Twista continued to praise the hacker fans, saying, "If you happen to do it again, make sure you hook me up a million members on or my Twitter page."

Twista is currently working on producing a reality show and launching a non-profit organization to help children with autism.