Details have emerged regarding the fatal shooting at Irving Plaza in New York during a T.I. concert, and it has been reported that hip-hop star Troy Ave. was among those shot during the chaotic scene.

Karen Civil tweeted about the incident and offered updates on what was going on. She confirmed that Troy was indeed one of the people who were hit--but his injuries were minor.

"Troy Ave's management has just confirmed with us that he was grazed by a bullet at tonight's TIP concert," Civil tweeted.

It's unclear if Troy Ave. was in any way involved in the incident that sparked the violence or if he was even an intended target of the shooter.

As was reported, Irving Plaza descended into chaos as concertgoers fled to the nearest exits after an unknown shooter began to fire his weapon repeatedly backstage. Multiple rounds echoed throughout the venue as stampedes attempted to flee the building. Unable to exit, many people found themselves trapped on the floor with the shooter because it was too crowded to move.

Eventually, the gunshots ceased as hundreds of fans made their way onto the street, flooding the Union Square neighborhood. But another shot was heard from inside Irving Plaza. Ultimately one man was left dead and three people wounded.


Read Civil's tweets below.


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