Trina is typically one of the more chill rappers in the game, but the Diamond Princess exploded in a rant aimed at an unnamed target who clearly got on her bad side. Trina went to Instagram Live on the rooftop of a hotel and let loose.

"You want smoke, now you got it," she says in the vid. "Y'all hoes gonna respect my muthaf---in' name. Imma start making y'all hoes bow down and kiss my muthaf---in' feet. Y'all bum ass hoes. I paved the way for y'all hoes to even speak in MIami. Don't even talk my muthaf---in' name without sayin' 'Miss.'"

Fans are speculating as to who Trina was firing shots at. In the clip, Trina further goes in on "wack" and "nasty-lookin' ass bitches."

"I see you bum ass bitches around, i don't speak on you bitches. I don't give a f--- about you hoes. I'm too busy getting money. F--- you talkin' about? Too busy planning for Trina Day next year. Since I don't give back--give back that, hoe! Did you ever give at a toy drive? I ain't ever see you at a muthaf---in' hospital giving toys to the kids, bitch!"

She continued to rant against someone "plotting to get on TV." And Trina fired off one tweet on the subject.

"Hoe u a fan ... y'all bums are weak asF," Trina tweeted. "All that talking but wouldn't pull up .. f--- outta here."

Check out some of the funniest reactions to Trina's IG Live vid below.

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