Naughty by Nature's Treach is back in the studio working on some new music with his fellow partner DJ Kay Gee, under the Naughty Nation imprint. The first offering is the banging track 'Come On.'

Produced by Scoop DeVille, the song takes NBN's classic hit 'O.P.P.' and flips it in a new way. Treach also introduces up-and-coming New Jersey rapper-singer STORi who is currently signed to Motown Records.

Over a bass-heavy beat and familiar Jackson 5 sample ('ABC'), STORi spits boastful rhymes in a rapid flow similar to the NBN rhymer.

"I'm taking other people's paper every fucking day / That's O.P.P. in Jersey that's word to my city / Peace to Latifah, Lauryn, Naughty and the Fugees / You need to get out of my face if you acting fugazi," she raps.

Meanwhile, Treach brags about his pedigree in rap and salutes the East and West coasts, spitting, "Ain't no alarm in me or harming me / Army with harmony."

Producer Scoop DeVille explained how he connected with Treach via his Soundcloud page. He writes:

While filming for Couples Therapy in [Los Angeles] and assembling new sounds for the project, Treach came together with Grammy Nominated producer Scoop DeVille, known for producing tracks for Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Eminem just to name a few, in Glenwood Studios in Burbank and the two came up with the idea to flip the well known “OPP” track to produce “Come On.” Treach, wanting to feature a new artist on the track thought it would be perfect to spotlight an emerging talent coming from NJ. Coincidentally, Scoop had just been working with Motown's next female star, STORi, who happens to be from N.J. and suggested that she come into the studio. STORi arrived at the studio and the rest is history.

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Listen to Treach's 'Come On' Feat. Stori