In a recent interview, G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo discussed the early days of the group's career, and how two of rap's greatest couldn't touch Fiddy. "Kanye West was in the studio, I remember that. He was trying to like sing in Sha Money [XL]'s ear. It was just a crazy day that day." Yayo explained. "Busta [Rhymes] was in the studio, Dre and I remember nobody could mess with this beat. This beat had gun sounds and cocking in [that] Dre made. I remember Busta tried, Rakim [tried] and 50 got on and just killed it. It was one of my favorite experiences in the studio." [HipHopDX]

Raheem DeVaughn has been getting flack for his "raunchy" new "She's Single" video, which depicts the singer performing oral sex on a lady. "I've shown my soul in so many other different lights. I'm in a real sexy mode right now, grown-man sexy," he explained."I wouldn't necessarily call it raunchy. I think it's more tasteful. If that's the word cats choose to run with it, I've seen a lot more raunchy stuff than that. It ain't like I'm poppin' off with the ménage or got four or five different girls in the room. I'm really just showing the interaction between black man [and] black woman. It's imagery, and it's the most intimate moments. It is what it is. At the end of the day, it's art." Oh, it's art. [MTV]

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