Tom Hanks may have to pay for a big mistake by his son, Chet Hanks.

Chet Hanks, who also goes by his rap name "Chet Hanx" (formerly "Chet Haze"), was in a car crash last year with Terry Moogan and the latter is suing Hanx' famous parents. His argument is that Hanx was unfit to drive and should have been stopped by Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson.

"Despite knowing that Chester Hanks was a careless and reckless driver and a habitual user of drugs and alcohol, they negligently permitted Chester Hanks to operate their vehicle and thus, in addition to Chester Hanks, are responsible for the physical and emotional injuries Mr. Moogan sustained as the result of the accident," read the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court claims, according to TheWrap.

"Chester Hanks was driving his vehicle in an unreasonable and unsafe manner and was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at the time his vehicle struck Mr. Moogan's vehicle," it also read.

The accident, where Hanx allegedly rear-ended Moogan's car, happened in February 2015 on the California 110 highway according to Moogan.

Although Hanx has been trying to establish his rap career, he mostly made headlines for controversy. With repeated use of the N-word on Instagram he gained criticism from many rappers including Vic Mensa. Hanks' son also confessed to abusing drugs. He seemed to be on a downward spiral but appears to be back on the right track now.

"I just reached 6 months of sobriety. Blessings are happening all around me" before adding, "My life is so much better now than when I was getting fucked up all the time," read a tweet from Hanx.


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