Underground rapper Tiye Phoenix kinda sorta dissed Nicki Minaj in this new 'My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women in Hip-Hop' documentary. "I in terms of the preservation and the continuation and expansion of the art form of hip-hop music and culture, I can't see what she's creating...when she goes in the studio. Meanwhile, females like myself we in the underground paying dues. Like, we're committed." Take it easy girls. [BET]

Chelsea Handler called Justin Bieber a sexual deviant, recently. "He knows so much about romance," she said. "If you listen to the lyrics of 'Baby, Baby, Baby,' or is it just called 'Baby'? I have to say it three times, 'cause it makes my heart thump. He's obviously been around the block. I mean, I don't know why he's pretending he's not a sexual deviant, because he is." Probably is. [MTV]