Tisha Campbell-Martin is making powerful strides in her acting career but now she's returned to another passion -- singing. After a successful run on Martin and My Wife and Kids, the singer debuts her first single in 11 years, "Steel Here."

The video starts off dramatically -- for good reason -- as her body becomes a canvas for a letter. A man uses a a quill and ink to write across her chest as she cries tears of black liquid. "Dear beloved Tisha, this apology has been in my heart and on my mind for decades. For decades there has been a gnawing pain within me, coupled with an unending shame. For my past behavior..." the letter reads.

According to the singer, the words come directly from a letter her rapist wrote her. The man sexually abused her when she was 3 years old. The video serves as a method of forgiveness.

In the next scene, the Newark, N.J. native stands tall on top of several men propelling her up as she sings, "Up and down like a roller coaster / I've seen her come and go and I've been rich and poor man / But I'm still resilient."

The Viktorija Pashuta-directed visual takes a turn from the dark and finds the light as "Gina" is adorned in an all-white dress with butterflies peacefully flapping their wings around her.

The singer, who's also slated to star in ABC's Dr. Ken on Oct. 2, tweeted that the apology letter helped her "to be free and forgive." Every detail was accounted for and has a meaning. "The color of the dress reps beauty and strength each dancer attached 2 me reps purging of anger, grudge, pain... low self esteem, self-deprecation or any negative emotion being released and the freedom from it," Campbell-Martin tweeted.

Fans enjoying the new tunes from the album can thank her husband, Duane Martin, for bringing her back to music. “My husband was very encouraging like, like you ain’t gone look at me shoulda, coulda, woulda. You better go out there and sing again,” the mother of two told HipHollywood.com

She also confirmed that there's more to come. “The album is done. B Slade produced it and LaShawn Daniels is really helping to push it,” she said.

Watch Tisha Campbell-Martin forgive her rapist above.

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