Tameka "Tiny" Harris is known for being the wife of rap superstar T.I. but she was once one of the leading ladies in the popular R&B group Xscape. The singer goes back to her roots in the new song 'What You Gon Do?' She's also released a video for the track.

In the clip for the song -- the dirty version is actually called 'What The F--- You Gon Do?' -- Tiny airs out her ungrateful boyfriend for not paying attention to her in the relationship.

"All I wanna do is stay down for you, but you make it so hard / I’m about to give up on you," she sings.

Tiny even threatens to end the relationship and get with a new guy. "I said you better get your mind right boy or I’ll be gone," she warns.

Oddly enough, we get a couple of scenes of a dude resembling T.I. in bed with Tiny, plus he's also wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, while she croons about the wrong stuff he's doing.

We don't know if this video is in relation to the gossip-driven scandal that has escalated with boxer Floyd Mayweather, but there's all kinds of subliminals here.

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