Clap back season is in full effect. Tameka “Tiny” Cottle is not playing games when it comes to people throwing shade at her.

Gossip blogs have been reporting that T.I. has been allegedly creeping with video model Bernice Burgos despite him being a married man. But recently, a fan brought to Tiny’s attention of Burgos leaving heart-faced emojis on Tip’s pictures on Instagram.

When the commenter told Tiny that she was a “strong woman” for putting up with such disrespect, the reality TV star let it be known that she wasn’t bothered by it. “I ain’t losing no sleep over no pass around bitch! Bless him & her too!”


We can't officially confirm that Bugos and T.I. have interacted with each other, but judging by Tiny's response, something must have happened between them. But we are staying out of the fray. On a side note, Burgos was reportedly “dating” Drake a couple of years ago. So, she certainly has "a type" when it comes to men. We are just saying.

Some fans have complained to Tiny that her response was petty and that she should be aiming her vitriol at T.I. for breaking the sacred vow of marriage. Either way, don't come for Tiny, if she didn't send for you.

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