Timbaland has been feeding the streets with weekly song giveaways as part of his Timbo Thursdays series, but he's saving his bigger records for his upcoming album, 'Shock Value III.' The super producer revealed that he's currently working on a track with troubled teen star Demi Lovato, chatting with her over Twitter about their unlikely collaboration.

"@ddlovato im goin to holla at john to figure it out,' wrote Timbo, who had previously made his feelings public on his desire to collaborate with Lovato. "@Timbaland007 for real though... Are you ready?! Idk about you but I believe magic is gonna come out of this collab," Lovato responded, confirming that the duet was in the works.

The banter continued with a few lighthearted quips. "Girl u knw im born rdy rt @ddlovato," continued Timbaland. "@Timbaland007 I was ready before I was born!!" the pop starlet replied.

A music career is nothing new for Lovato, who has two albums under her belt: 2008's' Don't Forget' and 2009's 'Here We Go Again.' She previously starred in 'Camp Rock' with the Jonas Brothers and recently made headlines after checking herself into a rehabilitation facility. The songstress was said to be struggling with everything from substance abuse problems to eating disorders, though an actual prognosis was never revealed.

The pairing may come as a surprise to fans of the Disney princess, but Timbaland listeners have come to expect inter-genre collabos on his 'Shock Value' releases. In the past, he has worked with Miley Cyrus, Fall Out Boy, Elton John, Katy Perry and more.

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