Bikini clad babes rule the world in Timbaland's new island-themed video for 'Pass at Me,' featuring Pitbull and David Guetta.

Pitbull opens the song, manning a yacht set sail for a deserted paradise filled with bootylicious dancers. Apparently, that much booty makes Timbaland crazed and the video climaxes with a rave-like dance party led by David Guetta.

The video is rife with product placement including ads for beer, cars and a new book by fashion photographer Rapahael Mazzucco titled, 'Culo [A--] by Mazzucco.'

Mazzuco partnered with Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine to release the book and, naturally, Timbaland's rump-themed dance track was selected for cross-promotion.

For a heavy dose of butt, be sure to check out the video preview of the book highlighting the best of Mazzuco's 'Culo' images below.

Watch Timbaland's 'Pass At Me' Featuring Pitbull & David Guetta

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Watch the NSFW Video for 'Culo'

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