It's on! Probably.

On Thursday (July 13), Swizz Beatz appeared onstage in New York during the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather press conference in New York and issued a challenge to fellow hitmaker Timbaland. He would later restate that challenge in a social media post.

“Timbaland don’t want any smoke,” warned Swizz. “Tell him he can get this too. Don’t talk behind my back.”

Welp, Timbaland has responded with his own video--complete with the Game of Thrones theme song.

“Swizz,” Timbo says. “You have woken up Tim Mosely. Challenge accepted. I’m with the smoke. That’s right. You hear that Game of Thrones. You have woken up the king.”

Swizz famously squared off against Just Blaze at a special event back in February that had the entire internet buzzing. He assured everyone back then that this is all in good fun--and fans seem to love it.

“We just doing it for the culture,” said Swizz. “We’re just vibing. We’re just going. This is something that hip-hop needs. I don’t got no pre-made beats. Everything I’m doing is right off the cuff. We’re going to go back and forth with our hits. We’re going to just have fun and let the people have fun.”

In April, Just Blaze speculated that Timbo would battle Pharrell. “Just got off the phone with @Timbaland,” tweeted Blaze at the time. “He said he’s down for Tim vs. @Pharrell and they just talked about it.”

Looks like Pharrell will have to wait.

You excited!? Check out Swizz's video below:

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