Rapper Tim Dog has pleaded guilty to grand larceny, after defrauding a Mississippi woman out of thousands of dollars, according to the Associated Press.

The Bronx-born 44-year-old former Kool Keith associate, who was once a member of seminal '90s rap group Ultramagnetic MCs, and released the legendary West Coast diss track 'F--- Compton,' entered a guilty plea back in August, admitting to bilking a Southaven, Miss. woman out of $32,000.

Tim Dog, born Timothy Blair, met the woman on an online dating site in 2007, and began a long-distance relationship, ultimately convincing her to help him rebuild his music career by investing in the production of his new album.

Under the plea agreement, Blair received five years probation, and is required to repay the woman $19,000.

Watch Tim Dog's 'F--- Compton'

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