Bronx rapper Tim Dog died of a seizure earlier today, after a lengthy battle with diabetes. He was 46.

The Kool Keith affiliated MC, born Timothy Blair, rose to fame after his West Coast diss record "Fuck Compton," which appeared on his celebrated, contentious 1991 debut LP, Penicillin on Wax.

Dog went on to appear on several songs with Kool Keith's Ultramagnetic MCs, before forming a duo, Ultra, with Keith.

Dog's legacy was a bit tarnished in 2011, when he pleaded guilty to grand larceny, after defrauding a Mississippi woman out of $32,000. Under the plea agreement, Blair received five years probation, and was required to repay the woman $19,000. News of the scandal was covered in a 2012 episode of "Dateline NBC."

Tim Dog's most recent new release was his 2009 collaboration LP, Tim Dog & Kool Keith present Project X: Iconic.

Watch Tim Dog's "Step to Me" Video