If you're feeling a little sluggish or down today, TIAAN has the musical remedy just for you.

The Chicago-born, Australian-bred singer-songwriter delivers a song that will life your spirits with 'Be OK.' Working with Swedish producer Arnthor Birgisson, the track has the airy and ethereal feel of a Sade song but with the lightness of a pop track. Listen and it will instantly put a smile on your face.

"When you're lost in the dark / And you're looking around / But you can't find the one that is bringing them down / Yeah, you're gonna be OK / When you're facing the mirror / Don't like what you see / Or becoming somebody you don't wanna be / Yeah, you're gonna be OK," she sings.

'Be OK' was penned while the artist and her Swedish producing team were in Bali and was also produced by Aristrotracks' Lukipop.

“Lukipop was involved in all of the songs, whether producing or toplining,” TIAAN said in a statement. “He’s a genius -- a kid with cool, fresh sounds with an old soul. Then Arnthor comes in with his epic touches. We’re the perfect team.”

The track is off the R&B-meets-pop artist's self-titled EP, which will release later this summer.

Listen to TIAAN's 'Be OK'