T.I. may be receiving a profit from his book sales but there's a more important reward on his mind with the release of his upcoming novel, Trouble & Triumph: literacy.

"I just really wanted to motivate people to read," the rapper-turned-author tells The BoomBox of the book. "Motivate people of our generation, and our genre and our culture to read. I think that's a lost art, or a lost pastime I should say."

Trouble & Triumph is a follow-up to T.I.'s first book, Power & Beauty, co-authored by David Ritz. The read was centered on a love story with the streets as its backdrop. The new effort will begin where the last one left off.

"It's just a continuation of the first story from Power & Beauty," T.I. states. "Power & Beauty ended on a cliffhanger and you know people were very interested in and excited to see how this story carries on."

The entertainer, who will release his forthcoming eighth studio album, Trouble Man, later this year, also spoke on the inspiration to publish a book series targeting those from his generation and younger.

Growing up, T.I. says there were popular titles that he remembers motivating his peers to pick up a book and he hopes his series will add to this legacy.

"You think [back], books like The Coldest Winter Ever, they motivated people in the hood in my time," he reveals. "That motivated us to read and I want to help contribute to that and at least do my part."

Trouble & Triumph is due Sept. 18.

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