The ongoing issue of police using deadly force against black males has sparked rappers to release anti-police brutality songs. One song, K Gap’s remix of “La Polica,” featuring T.I. and David Banner, has come to light due to its “angry rap lyrics.” CNN’s Don Lemon invited Tip and Kap G on the network to discuss the song.

Tip defended the so-called “angry” lyrics on the track. The Atlanta rapper says they are a direct response to the unfair treatment of law enforcement. “I think there is a disregard in underserved areas of society when it comes to interaction with law enforcement,” he explained. “I think there is a resentment, a undeniable fear law enforcement have for young minorities and it is reflected in their actions.”

“Of course that leads to angry lyrics because our music, historically, has been a reflection of the circumstances so if you don’t like our lyrics you should change the circumstances that inspire them,” he finished.

Kap G, a Mexican-American rapper, explained that he created “La Policia” in direct response to being unjustifiably harassed by police officers.

“I’m not afraid of police, its just you see on the news, everyday life, the things that they’re doing is just not good right now,” he said. “The reason I wrote this song is because I was racially profiled.”

“Me being Mexican-American, the whole situation, two years ago I got pulled over, the whole situation was unfair,” he continued. “They just wanted to check my car, asked for my ID because they thought I was an illegal [immigrant]."

When Lemon asked Kap G about the criticism that his lyrics might incite protests or get police officers killed, T.I. interjected and said, ”we are calling for the death of our people to end.”

The “What You Know” rhymer also suggested that secret task forces should be implemented to seek out and prosecute cops who abuse their authority. In the end, both T.I. and Kap G agreed that there are good police officers in the community and the intent of the song is to raise awareness of the problems with policing in America.

If you missed the interview, you can watch the conversation above. Listen to Kap G’s “La Policia” remix below.

Listen to Kap G's "La Policia" Remix Feat. T.I. & David Banner

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