Even though he's on the slender side, it seems that T.I. approaches his enemies like a heavyweight fighter, and that's been proven in beefs with Lil' Flip and Shawty Lo.

But not every confrontation results in physical blows. Sometimes direct communication is all that is needed to let someone know that you mean business. Luckily for Apollo Nida, of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' fame (he's the husband of Phaedra Parks), T.I. let his mouth do the talking rather than his fists.

If you haven't heard yet, Nida took to Twitter and eluded to the fact that Tip snitched his way out of receiving more jail time after being arrested on federal gun charges in 2007.

"If one knows about the federal system, it's standard language," wrote Nida in a tweet that's since been deleted. "In a plea agreement one must be put on notice if that applies to them. It's standard language in a federal plea agreement. Michael Vick's [and] T.I.'s plea, it's the same language different charge."

After the tweet was posted, T.I. ran into Nida at an event in Atlanta, and the reality show star immediately explained himself and pretty much apologized. Afterwards, Mr. Rubberband Man stopped by Big Tigger's radio show to talk about it.

"To be honest with you, my phone rang and somebody said 'Ay man, dude said such and such,'" Tip detailed. "I just happened to have been at an event and I saw him and asked him what was up with that. He said he didn't do it, so I just told him to clarify so people wouldn't be misconstrued. [Then] I went on about my day."

Also in the interview, T.I. said he plans to drop three albums in one year with Pharrell, and then he plans to release a movie once they're all released.

"Me, Pharrell, Columbia, Hustle Gang, what we're trying to do is make the album a trilogy, but to be released in a 12-month period," said the 'Turn It' rapper. "With a movie to finalize it. In 12 months the movie should be shot."

Take a look at T.I.'s confrontation with Apollo Nida below.

Watch T.I. Confront Apollo Nida