Reggie Ossé, better known as Combat Jack, was a pioneering voice in the hip-hop community. Sadly, his voice is now silent. The veteran journalist, attorney and podcaster passed away today (Dec. 20) after a bout with colon cancer. He was 53.

This is devastating news for the hip-hop community. Rappers, journalists, podcasters and fans went on Twitter to pay homage to the late and great Combat Jack who cared about the culture like no other.

"Heartbreaking. RIP Reggie 'Combat Jack' Osse. Great man, storyteller and leader. Your contributions to hip hop will never ever be forgotten. Ultimate salute," wrote veteran hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson.

"We throw around OG a lot. Combat Jack was a true OG," tweeted Complex producer Brandon Jinx. "He lived his shit. He kept pushing forward, pivoting his game, and lifting others along the way. He knew and valued the power of the next generation. And he would come up and tell you what was dope and what was wack.

True indeed. Combat Jack's voice and passion for hip-hop culture will be sorely missed. Many mourners on social media tweeted out Combat Jack's famous mantra. It's only fitting that we repost it below.

Internets, you know what time it is:
Dream them dreams
then man-up and live them dreams,
because a life without dreams is black and white,
and the universe flows in technicolor and surround-sound. Blaow!

Rest in peace, Reggie "Combat Jack" Ossé. We got it from here and thank you for your service.

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