After a seven year run, The Combat Jack Show will sadly bid farewell this week.

According to Billboard, ex-hosts, former cast members and frequent guests reunited to pay tribute to the show’s late founder Reggie Ossé (aka Combat Jack).

“It was closure," Jonathan Mena, the show's producer, told the publication. "It's what he would've wanted."

Last December, Ossé passed away at the age 53 after a bout with colon cancer. Since then, the producers thought long and hard on how to continue the show without their fearless leader. They finally decided to end the show with one final episode, which was recorded last Thursday night.

Guests on the final episode include former co-hosts Dallas Penn and Premium Pete and longtime affiliate Just Blaze. In addition, journalist Jamilah Lemieux and veteran hip-hop producer Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie (also known as The Madd Rapper) will offer their memories of Combat Jack.

"It became therapeutic," said Aaron "A-King" Howard, the show's co-host and executive producer, of the recording session. "To get everybody in the room, it was like, 'Wow, we're actually doing this.'"

The Combat Jack Show was the flagship of the Loud Speakers Network, a podcast company founded by Ossé in 2015 with famed journalist/author Chris Marrow. Their first shows were Reality Check with Jas Fly, NY Delight and Sneaker Fiends.

Although those first shows didn't pop off, it wasn't until they launch The Read with Kid Fury and Crissle that things started to pick up. Currently, the network hosts popular podcasts such as The Brilliant Idiots with Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz and Angela Yee's Lip Service.

The LSN will maintain the archive of Combat Jack Show episodes and continue to promote their stable of podcasts as well as introduce new ones to the fold.

"[Ossé] was an integral voice of the industry, and we're going to miss that," said Howard. "But I'm thankful we can keep that voice going through what we're doing."

Listen to The Combat Jack Show's Final Episode Below

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