CNN news correspondent Wolf Blitzer isn't the only one down with the dance craze the Dougie, apparently so are lots of athletes.

Intrigued by the success of the dance introduced by the hit Cali Swag District song 'Teach Me How to Dougie', the Wall Street Journal took a look at why the Dougie is so popular in sports arenas across the nation, and how each 'Dougier' adds their own spin to the dance. The short video piece, breaks down the Dougie's movements, which consists of "a lot of shimmying and then gliding your hand over your head." The dance pays homage to the dance moves of hip-hop legend Doug E. Fresh.

But it's not all fun in games. Doing the Dougie in the sports world can get you into trouble, which New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards learned the hard way. After doing the Dougie to taunt his opponent during a game, Edwards was slapped with a 15 yard penalty. So, if you're gonna do the Dougie, be forewarned, there may be repercussions. Check out the video after the jump.

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