MaliceThe Clipse's Malice will become hip-hop's latest rapper-turned-author after announcing plans this week to release a new book titled 'Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked,' following the group's upcoming album 'Till the Casket Drops.' Malice told Honey Magazine that the purpose of his book is to present the public with the entire story surrounding the tidbits of information that the Clipse has continued to throw out about their struggle over the past few years.

"People know what the Clipse content is about -- what we've been talking about over the years," he said. "But we like to paint both sides of the picture and give you the pros and the cons and just to let you know that it's not all glorious and sometimes you lose."

The group, who will release their new album this November, has openly struggled with record label red tape for the past few years. Back in 2006, the Virgina-based duo opened up to Rolling Stone about their woes at Jive Records after having their sophomore album 'Hell Hath No Fury,' pushed back multiple times. "I hate Jive. I hate them mother----. With all my heart and all the passion and my soul I hate these b----. It's about the lynching of every staff member up in this mother----," Pusha said. Malice and Pusha T. explained that they had been constantly overlooked by Jive because of the label's inexperience with hip-hop artists.

Now, as the pair is primed to release their third LP on Columbia Records, the time is right for a tell-all book. "The intention is to have the book out at the top of the year, after the album. We're speaking with a few people now but it's gonna be major publishing," Malice said. "It's an awesome book that's nothing short of phenomenal. It gives you an inside look of the Clipse, the industry, the things that we've been through and a very personal look at my private life."

The Clipse's 'Till the Casket Drops,' boasts production credits from hip-hop heavyweights that include Swizz Beatz, Kanye West and The Neptunes.