Everything-man Terrace Martin smoothes things out on his latest single, 'You're The One,' with some help from songstress Tone Trezure and rising L.A. artist Ty Dolla $ign.

Right from the jump, it's intriguing to hear Ty on a track this romantically inclined. His discography to date has been more in the realm of getting to know a female just to, you know, get with her.

But that's not the case on 'You're The One,' a mellow late-night anthem for all the lovers out there that sounds straight out of the '90s. From the hand-clap snares to the subtle guitar touches, everything about this cut sounds like Martin and his guests recorded this track some 15 to 20 years ago.

Does that mean modern R&B fans won't give this the time of day? Of course not. It's just the fact that it's got that universal appeal. Well, it's not necessarily for anyone listening who just had his or her heart broken. Sorry.

You can stream the track below.