Terrace Martin continues to deliver great music and visuals from his Grammy-nominated project, Velvet Portraits. The two-time Grammy-winning musician just released a new video for “Oakland,” his tribute to the beloved city aka “The Town.”

Directed by Lola Ridgell and produced by Aplusfilmz, the clip features images of landmarks and citizens that live and flourish in Oakland. The picturesque visuals are accompanied by Lalah Hathaway, who paints the scenes beautifully with her smoky vocals.

"I truly believe in Oakland," Martin says about the track to Billboard. "Places like Oakland and Baltimore, in my opinion, are the heartbeats of black America. I believe Oakland is so rich in culture, spirit and hustle, and it's such an important city to me because the characteristics that I love about Oakland really put it all together.”

True indeed. As for his Grammy nomination, Martin couldn't be more thrilled. It's a major achievement for him and his independent label Sounds of Crenshaw.

"It feels amazing," he says. "The real joy comes out because it started out just being a vision of me owning my own record label, Sounds of Crenshaw. To be ran, created and operated from Crenshaw all the way to the Grammys is a big deal in my book, just really for the community as far as being recognized."

"The cover of my album is Leimert Park and that area is getting more notoriety," he added. "People are starting to ask about it, know about it, and that energy of Leimert made it all the way up to the Grammys."

Watch Terrace Martin's video above and if you haven't, go check out his latest album Velvet Portraits. You won't be disappointed.

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