"N----s in Mizzou ain't changed." Well, at least that's what Kansas City vanguard Tech N9ne's tells listeners on his newest release, "On the Bible."

Produced by Seven, Tech joins forces with T.I. and Zuse for this menacing cut and the results are more than favorable. Zuse handles the hook duties, asking, "Have you ever seen a Mac-11, new Tech-9 with the extension?" before Tech comes through to machete the track with his rapid-fire flow.

"I swore to never let a man's hand take me to the grave, n---- / With my fortune, I'ma get to torching, like Orkin, I spray, n---- /  I know they dying to get it wit' the nine, that's fine, they wanna make a n---- do the whoop / So I'ma take the corbine, put it to ya mind   like a hula-hoop," Tech rhymes, dropping his maniacal bars with certainty and holds down his end of the bargain.

T.I. touches down on the second verse and manages to up the ante. "A n---- make songs, but they really don't do what they say / Got guns, but they really won't shoot, he afraid /I'll lay a n---- down right now, fade to the concrete, nose to the ground / Do 'em in the street 'fore his prayers hit the clouds / And the flash and the bang, it is rarely allowed," he raps, riding the track with a focused ferocity while never breaking a sweat.

"On the Bible" will appear on Tech N9ne's upcoming album, Special Effects, a project that the rapper reveals will bring him to a wider audience. With over two decades in the game, Tech has seen artists come and go, yet he's still standing.

"I feel like I’m Dracula, dude, like, um… Nosferatu, you know. I’ve seen the rise and fall of a lot of y’all, you know what I’m saying. I’m still on the incline and It makes me feel immortal,” he explains. “I’ve seen so much, man, with MCs rising to fame and then plummeting, you know, and yet, we’re still on the incline and there’s still awareness and Tech N9ne’s still growing and growing after all these years.”
Special Effects arrives May 4.

Listen to Tech N9ne's "On the Bible" Feat. T.I. & Zuse

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