Taylor Swift should take a few tips from VMA host Chelsea Handler. In her opening monologue Handler decided to address "the big black elephant in the room" -- Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video at last year's VMAs. Handler then demonstrated how she thought the soft-spoken American country sweetheart should have taken control of the situation -- by beating the crap out of Kanye. Swift, if you remember, remained stunned-silent and pouted. When it came time for Swift's get-even moment at the 2010 VMAs she opted to take the high road, performing a track of her upcoming album 'Speak Now' that she wrote after the incident. It seemed like a little too much, too late.

The world has seen Kanye learn a lesson from that infamous moment, apologizing on 'The Jay Leno Show' and then disappearing from the limelight to record a new album. For Taylor to make a remark now seemed as though she's still dwelling on the past in a hyper Twitter-propelled society that has beefs and tiffs starting and ending in less than a week's time.

'Speak Now' will mostly likely become a genre-bending hit single for Swift, as it should. The song was sincere, something that Swift excels at in her lyricism. Lyrics went along the lines of "lost your balance on a tightrope, it's never too late to get it back" and addressed West most-directly when she sang "32 -- still growin up now .. you're still an innocent" -- a nod to the rapper's age at the time of the 2009 incident. But, while the song was beautiful, it would've packed a bigger punch if it were released six months ago. Here's too hoping the folks at MTV have another West/Swift surprise in store.

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