After hitting the stage with artists like Chance the Rapper, Juicy J and Big Sean, rising Michigan rapper Tay Rhodes is back to celebrate the release of his sophomore EP, Purple Heart.

Premiered via Mass Appeal, Rhodes' Purple Heart EP comes on the heels of his 2015 debut EP, Kame House. The seven-track project features a number of rising producers including Yung Milkcrate, who's known for his work with Delaware rapper Lil West, A$pen and Loud Lord. Like his peers, Rhodes uses hip-hop's current formula blending fully-pronounced lyrics with legato-fused beats to create something that's sensual enough for the ladies and smooth enough to make all fans bob their head.

Explaining the meaning behind the EP, Tay says, "The title 'Purple Heart' comes from me taking L’s in life but still ending up winning; kind of like a soldier who got hit in battle but still came out of the war."

The project tells the story of the budding rapper's "ups and downs" while illustrating his growth as an artist. With "quick-strike punchlines," Rhodes shares his story through with a darker, more edgy "refined sound" via slowed down trap music. The EP's sonic presentation is different from his initial hip-hop influence, which stemmed from hearing his sisters sing Nelly's "Hot in Here" around the house and his mother's "affinity" for 50 Cent and G-Unit.

Check out Tay Rhodes' new project, Purple Heart below.