Tattoos aren't for everyone but they sure are for Kid Ink. The 27-year-old Los Angeles native is practically covered from head to toe with permanent artwork -- he has "Dream or Die" inked on the entire right side of his head.

The rapper, who releases his debut album, 'My Own Lane,' on Jan. 7, first went under the needle at 17. Cheppe, Kid Ink's go-to tattoo artist, has helped bring some of the West Coast rhymer's personal drawings to life on his skin numerous times. Before he picked up the mic to record songs like 'Show Me' with Chris Brown, the man born Brian Todd Collins actually served as an apprentice at a tattoo shop.

If you look under his chin, “In Jesus’ Name We Pray" appears in Hebrew. Inside his mouth on his lip, there's "good luck" and two letter R's are on his chest as a reminder of his original rap moniker, Rockstar. And that's far from everything on his body. He's even gotten inked in Paris to mark his trip overseas.

Watch as the Alumni Music Group leader discusses the tales behind some of his most prominent tattoos and offers advice for newbies. They don't call him Kid Ink for nothing.