We have watched Taraji P. Henson get dramatic as Cookie on Fox’s hit series Empire, but the veteran actress displayed her comedic side during her hosting stint on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. In one funny skit, Henson played rapper Nicki Minaj.

In a fictitious promo for Home 2, several hip-hoppers were impersonated for the follow-up of the animated movie, which features the voice of Rihanna. Jay Pharaoh does a phenomenal job mimicking Kendrick Lamar’s voice, but it's Henson's over-the-top portrayal of the pink-haired rapper that will leave you chuckling a bit. As Minaj, Henson is spot-on as she voices the twins Thwick & Thwack each with their own unique personalities. Even her white male co-star was left shaken by the Queen Barbz’s zany antics in the studio booth.

Elsewhere in the show, Henson plays Empire's Cookie in a bit that involves her making a cameo appearance on Sesame Street. The hilarious skit features Cookie causing havoc in the fairytale neighborhood.

In one scene, she convinces Bert that his longtime buddy Ernie is not to be trusted. "He's trying to play you," she tells him. Cookie also snatches a treat away from another Cookie Monster and we are not going to tell you what she did to Elmo. It’s not pretty.

Overall, Henson brought sass and jokes with her performance on Saturday Night Live. It's always good to see actors have fun on the show and poke fun at themselves. Check out the videos.

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