Nicki Minaj has pretty much made a career off of switching up her voice and making funny faces, but all of her accents don't seem to get a rave review. When asked what he thought of Minaj's often-used British accent, British singer Taio Cruz, known for his hit pop song 'Dynamite' and 'Break Your Heart,' revealed that he thinks there is room for improvement.

"Nicki Minaj's accent is not very good, but I love the fact that she tries to do it," he told the press during the American Music Awards, where the two presented together.

Never shying away from an opportunity to promote herself Minaj reminded the crowd that her debut album 'Pink Friday,' is on its way to store shelves. The first lady of Young Money also added more fuel to the endless Lady Gaga comparisons, by choosing an outlandish outfit for the awards show: a gold replica of a human rib cage and a platinum blonde and green wig. "It's okay to give everyone their original props," she wrote in response to being called the First Lady (Gaga) of Hip-Hop by Billboard Magazine. "No need to lump them all into 1," Minaj added. "It undermines the work I put in. It undermines the work my fans put in."

While Minaj may need to keep polishing up her accent, her long-awaited debut 'Pink Friday' drops today.

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