Diddy Wants to Work With The LOX Again, Hell Freezes Over
As Diddy moves further into the electronic/dance world with his own music, his taste in rap has never been so street. In September, he hosted Raekwon's album release party, now he's talking about re-signing the L.O.X., a group whose music couldn't be further from his, stylistically, and who have had a public beef with him since he allegedly jerked them, back when they were signed to Bad Boy the fi
Diddy Confirms ‘Special’ New Deal with Interscope Records
Media mogul Diddy has confirmed that he will is officially making a move to Interscope Records, and he's taking Bad Boy, with him. After spending the last 5 years on Warner imprint Atlantic Records, Diddy has just revealed the details of his move to Jimmy Iovine's powerful label, and announced that he will be signing "unique artists" to join him ...
Say What! — Pitbull’s Kids Are His A&R’s + More
Miami rapper Pitbull described his critical process saying, "My biggest A&Rs are my kids. If I see my kids singing it, I say, 'Uh oh, it's a problem.'" Here's hoping his kids are 25. Spencer Pratt continues being awesome: "I've decided since there is a Queen of England and a Prince William that there should be a king of America...I...

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